Prof. M. Gopinath Reddy, Consultant

Prof. M. Gopinath Reddy


Decentralized Governance, Rural Local Institutions and Natural Resource Management, Rural Development Administration and Politics
Ph.D. (Political Science), 1990; Institute for Social Economic Change (I.S.E.C.) Nagarbhavi (P.O) BANGALORE – 72.

Brief Profile


  1. Ph.D. (Political Science), 1990;Institute for Social EconomicChange (I.S.E.C.) Nagarbhavi (P.O)BANGALORE – 72.
  2. M.A. (Political Science) Andhra University, 1980.1st class with Distinction, Secured 2nd Rank.


  1. Water and Sanitation Programmes and Health of the Communities: A Study of Three Indian States Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh,(Forthcoming)(Co-authoring with K.S. Babu, S. Galab, P. Usha), Academic Foundation, New Delhi.
  2. Political Economy of Watershed Management in AP (2010), (Co-authoring with Prof. Ratna Reddy and Dr. John Soussan of Stockholm Institute of Environment, UK),Rawat Publications, Jaipur.
  3. . A Study of Redistributive Politics and its impact on PRIs: A Case of Assembly Constituency Development Programme(MLA LADS Scheme in AndhraPradesh)(2010), Andhra Pradesh Resource Centre – Centre for World Solidarity,Secunderabad.

International Seminars

  1. WFunctioning of Rural Local Governments in India: A Critical Appraisal of DevolutionStatus and Accountability Systems, in Dr. Beatriz Cuadrado-Ballesteros (Eds), “Local Governments in the Digital Era: Looking for Accountability”(Forthcoming),NovaScience Publishers, 400 Oser Avenue, Suite 1600, Hauppauge, NY 11788-3619, USA.
  2. Improving or Worsening Livelihoods? Coal Mining and its effects on Adivasi Communities in Jharkhand State”, in the Book “Adivasis in India: Resources, Livelihoods and Institutions”,Edited by KailashSarap, Bloomsbury Publishing IndiaPvt. Ltd.,(Forthcoming), New Delhi – 110 070.
  3. State Business Relations and the Performance of the Manufacturing Sector in AndhraPradesh”(2013)(withAlivelu, K. Srinivasulu) in‘State–Business Relations and EconomicDevelopment in Africa and India’edited by KunalSen,Routledge UK.
  4. Mining-induced displacement: case of aluminum refinery in Andhra Pradesh, (with PrajnaParamita Mishra) in SakaramaSomayaji and SmrithiTalwar (Eds), “Developmentinduced Displacement, Rehabilitation and Resettlement in India”, Routledge Contemporary South Asia, New York, USA, 2011.
  5. Participatory Forest Management in Andhra Pradesh: Implementation, Outcomes and Livelihood Impacts, (Co-author), (2007), in Oliver Springate_Bangianski and Piers Blaikie (edited),Forests, People and Power: The Political Ecology of Reform in South Asia,EARTHSCAN, London.
  6. Annexation, Struggle and Response: Forest, People and Power in India and Nepal, (Coauthor), (2007), in Oliver Springate_Baginski and Piers Blaikie (edited),Forests, People and Power: The Political Ecology of Reform in South Asia, EARTHSCAN, London.
  7. Comparative Policy and Impacts, (Co-author), (2007), in Oliver Springate_Baginski and Piers Blaikie (edited), Forests, People and Power: The Political Ecology of Reform in South Asia, EARTHSCAN, London.

Research Interests

Decentralized Governance; Rural Local Institutions and Natural Resource Management (Forest Governance and Watershed Development) and State Responses & Poverty Reduction Strategies; Rural Development Administration and Politics; Delivery Systems of Rural Development Programmes and Health Delivery; Participatory Development, and Displacement and Development of Projects.