Research Cell for Studies in Education Policy, Planning and Governance (RSEPPG)

Research Cell for Studies in Education Policy, Planning and Governance (RSEPPG)

Research Cell for Studies in Education Policy, Planning and Governance (RSEPPG) in Telangana State at the Centre for Economic and Social Studies (CESS) is set up in July 2020 with the support of Telangana State Council for Higher Education (TSCHE). The predominant objective of the Research Cell on Education(RSEPPG) is to comprehensively study the gamut of issues and challenges in the education system/sector at all levels in a holistic perspective while focusing on higher education in the state and in the country. Research studies are to be thematically organized around five dimensions or foundational pillars of education system: Access, Quality, Equity, Affordability and Accountability. The impact of state policy, funding, regulatory framework, educational standards and governance on achieving these five dimensions of education system would be the focus of research studies. The Research Cell while providing policy inputs and support derived from evidence-based policy-oriented research output, assists the TSCHE and thereby the Telangana State Government in their endeavour for educational development in the state.


  • To organize seminars, workshops, discussions and conferences on topical issues related to Education.
  • To conduct research studies focusing on education policy, funding, governance,
  • To conduct assessment and evaluation studies on initiatives and programmes with respect to education development.
  • To bring out research reports, policy briefs, and working papers along with research publications


    On-Going Studies 

  1. Higher Education in India: Growth, Prospects, Issues and Challenges
  2. Educational Development in Telangana: Status, Prospects, Issues and Challenges
  3. Expenditure on Education in India: Trends and Patterns
  4. Expenditure on Education in Telangana
  5. Remedial Teaching or Developmental Education at Tertiary Level in India
  6. Skill Development Initiatives and their Performance in Telangana
  7. Industry Base and Structure in Telangana: Demand and Supply of Skilled Labour
  8. Private Educational Institutions and Models of Cost Recovery: Donative or Philanthropic Public Service and For-Profit and Not-for-Profit
  9. WTO and Educational Services in India
  10. Birth Cohort Transitions from Primary to Higher Education: Evidence from Young Lives Longitudinal Data


  1. Organized a Discussion on National Education Policy on 4th August 2020 along with Telangana State Council for Higher Education.
  2. Organized Webinar on National Education Policy and its Implications to School education and Higher Education on 4th September 2020 with CESS faculty and research scholars.
  3. Organised a one-day State-Level Webinar on “Implementing National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 in Higher Education in Telangana State: Issues, Challenges and Strategies”, on 20th April 2021. It is in collaboration with TSCHE, Govt of Telangana

          Human Resources

  1. E Revathi, Professor and Director, CESS and Overall Coordinator
  2. Venkatanarayana Motkuri, Associate Professor and Coordinator
  3. G Alivelu, Associate Professor
  4. K Chandrasekhar, Associate Professor
  5. P Aparna, Assistant Professor
  6. C H Krishna Rao, Assistant Professor
  7. D Mohan Rao, Research Associate
  8. B Sampath Rao, Research Associate

Completed Studies









Study Papers Series 

Published: News Paper Prints

  1. Getting together for Enhanced Learning, Opinion, 11 October, 2021, Telangana Today (
  2. Closure of Schools and Learning Loss, Opinion, 26 August, 2021, Telangana Today(

 3. Restructuring HEIs in Telangana, Opinion, 19th July, 2021, Telangana Today(

 4. స్కూల్క్లస్టర్తొనాణ్యమైనవిద్య,Opinion, 14th July, 2021, నమస్తెతెలంగాణNamaste Telangana ( E-paper-clip (

5. School Clusters for Better Learning, Opinion, 11th July, 2021, Telangana Today(


Published: Journals

  1. Quality of School Education in Telangana, Kakatiya University Journal of Social Sciences (KUJOSS), forthcoming.
  2. Public Expenditure on Education in India: Centre-State Allocations, Economic and Political Weekly (EPW), forthcoming.

 CESS-RSEPPG Research Briefs (RB)

1. RB#8 –Higher Education in Telangana: SWOT Analysis

2. RB#7 CESS_RSEPPG_RB7 Research Brief (RB) #7 School Management and Governance in Telangana – A Short Field Based Study by Thirukkovela Srichandra

3. RB#6 – CESS_RSEPPG_RB6 Remedial Teaching Arrangements of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Telangana State: Preliminary Survey Findings

4. RB#5 – Investment in Education and National Income in India: Time Series Analysis of Cointegration

5. RB#4 – CESS_RSEPPG_RB4– Private Expenditure on Education in India: National Level Analysis Exploring NSSO Survey (CES and SCE) Estimates 

6. RB#3 – CESS_RSEPPG_RB3 Expenditure on Higher Education in India: Contributions of Public (Centre and State Governments) and Private (Households)

7. RB#2 – CESS_RSEPPG_RB2 Private and Public Expenditure on Education in India: Trend over last Seven Decades

8. RB#1 – CESS_RSEPPG_RB1 Public expenditure on education in India: Contributions of Central and State Governments during the last three Decades

CESS-RSEPPG Background Papers Series (BPS)

  1. BPS#9 – Governance in Higher Education
  2. BPS#8 – Education and Employment in Telangana
  3. BPS#7 – CESS_RSEPPG_BPS7 Skill Development in India: A Critical view of Policy and Initiatives
  4. BPS#6 – CESS_RSEPPG_BPS6 Quality of School Education in Telangana
  5. BPS#5 – CESS_RSEPPG_BPS5Remedial and/or Developmental Teaching: A Review
  6. BPS#4 – CESS_RSEPPG_BPS4Profiles of Skill Development Initiatives in Telangana State
  7. BPS#3 –  CESS_RSEPPG_BPS3Skill Development in India: A Conceptual Framework Mapping Educational (and Training) Outcomes and Occupation-Job-Skill Standards of Industry and Labour Market
  8. BPS#2 – CESS_RSEPPG_BPS2 – Investing in Child: Human Capability Formation while Nurturing the Childhood and its Transition to Adulthood
  9. BPS#1 – CESS_RSEPPG_BPS1 – Educational Development in Telangana: Progress, Issues, Challenges and Policy Concerns

CESS-RSEPPG Policy Research Paper Series (PRPS)

  1. PRPS#6 – Perspective Framework Plan for Higher Education in Telangana
  2. PRPS#5 – NAAC Accreditation of Universities and Colleges in Telangana: Status and Prospects
  3. PRPS#4 – Prospects of Increasing Enrolment and GER in Higher Education in Telangana
  4. PRPS#3 – Sustainable Development Goal-4 (Quality Education) in Telangana
  5. PRPS#2 – Improving the Quality, Efficiency and Effectiveness of School Education in Telangana: Experimenting with the School Clusters
  6. PRPS#1 – CESS_RSEPPG_PRPS1Cluster Approach to Restructuring the Public Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Telangana: State-level Perspective Plan Framework aligning with the National Educational Policy (NEP) 2020

 “CESS-RSEPPG Conference Papers”

  1. CESS_RSEPPG_Conference Paper_1 at TEA Pre Conference Symposium -SCP#1-Implementing National Educational Policy (NEP) 2020 in Telangana State: Concerns and Challenges  


CESS-RSEPPG Research Reports Series (RRS)

  1. RRS#3 – Mapping and District Profiles of Higher Education Institutions in Telangana
  2. RR#2 – Higher Education in Telangana: Status, Issues and Challenges
  3. RR#1 – Expenditure on Education in Telangana

CESS-RSEPPG Survey Reports Series (SRS)

  1. SR#1 – Rapid Assessment Survey of Remedial Teaching Arrangements in Higher Education Institutions in Telangana State: Reporting Preliminary Survey Findings

CESS-RSEPPG Seminar/Conference Proceedings Series (SCPS)

  1. CESS_RSEPPG_SCPS1 Implementing NEP 2020 – Issues and Challenges – Webinar Proceedings