Working Papers


Name Title Download
Venkatanarayana Motkuri and E. Revathi Participation Disparities in Post-Secondary Education
N. Kakwani University of New South Wales, Australia Zakaria Siddiqui Gulati Institute of Finance and Taxation, India DEFINING AND MEASURING FOUR RECENTLY EVOLVED DEVELOPMENT CONCEPTS Pro-poor growth, Pro-poor development, Inclusive growth, and Inclusive development. Paper 146 Download
Dayakar Peddi, B. Suresh Reddy and E. Revathi Institutional Interventions and Farm Profits: Evidence from Rain fed Agriculture Systems in Telangana, India. Working paper 145 Download


Name Title Download
Y. Sreenivasulu Absentee Landowning Households in Agrarian Structure and Their Implications on Agrarian Economy: A Study in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Working Paper No.144, March, 2020 Download


Name Title Download
B. Suresh Reddy Agriculture in Tribal Areas (Scheduled Areas) of Madhya Pradesh: A Socio-Economic Analysis, Working Paper No.143, June, 2018 Download
B. Suresh Reddy Patterns of Agricultural Transition in Tribal Areas of Madhya Pradesh: A Macro and Micro analysis, Working Paper No.142, May, 2018 Download
M.Gopinath Reddy, B. Suresh Reddy Life Cycle Assessment of Second Generation Bioethanol from Sorghum and Pearl Millet feedstocks, Working Paper No.141, January, 2018 Download


Name Title Download
G. Alivelu, D.P. Priyadarshi Joshi Productivity Growth in Organized Manufacturing in Telangana, Working Paper No.140, December, 2017 Download
Educational Status of De-notified Tribes: A Study of Telangana, Working Paper No.139, September, 2017 Download


Name Title Download
Vijay Korra Role of MGNREGA(S) in Seasonal Labour Migration: Micro Evidence from Telangana, Working Paper No.137, April, 2015 Download


Name Title Download
M. Gopinath Reddy, B. Suresh Reddy, Steven Raj Padakandla Reduction of GHG Emissions and Attainment of Energy Security through Sustainable Production of Biofuels: Is it a Viable Option? A review of experiences, Working Paper No.136, October, 2014 Download
E. Revathi Liberalizing Lease Market: The Andhra Pradesh Land Licensed Cultivators Act, Working Paper No.135, July, 2014 Download
S. Galab, P. Prudhvikar Reddy, V.N. Reddy Classroom process, Teacher ability and Student performance: Evidence from School based Component of Young Lives in Undivided Andhra Pradesh, Working Paper No.134, June, 2014 Download
S. Galab, P. Prudhvikar Reddy Approach for Agricultural Development in Andhra Pradesh in the 12th Five Year Plan Period, Working Paper No.133, May, 2014 Download
A. Venkateswarlu Development through Community Participation in Pindiprolu during 1981-2006: A Study under Sustainable Livelihoods Approach, Working Paper No.132, January, 2014 Download


Name Title Download
B. Suresh Reddy Soil Health: Issues and Concerns – A Review, RULNR Working Paper No.23, CESS Working Paper No.131, November, 2013 Download
B. Suresh Reddy Non-Pesticidal Management of Pests: Status, Issues and Prospects – A Review, RULNR Working Paper No.22, CESS Working Paper No.130, November, 2013 Download
C. Niranjan Rao A Comparative Analysis of The Patent Systems of the BRICS Countries, Working Paper No.129, August, 2013 Download
G. Alivelu Industrial Development in Andhra Pradesh Inter-Regional Disparities in Post-Reform Period? Working Paper No.128, July, 2013 Download
Bishnu Prasad Mohapatra Decentralised Forest Governance, Institutions and Livelihoods in Odisha: A Study of Evolution of Policy Process and Politics, RULNR Working Paper No.21, CESS Working Paper No.127, July, 2013 Download
Tapas Kumar Sarangi Legalising Rights through Implementation of Forest Rights Act 2006: A critical review on Odisha and Jharkhand, RULNR Working Paper No.20, CESS Working Paper No.126, May, 2013 Download
S. Galab, P. Prudhvikar Reddy Food Prices and Child Nutrition in Andhra Pradesh, Working Paper No.125, May, 2013 Download


Name Title Download
G.R. Reddy Plan Financing in Andhra Pradesh – Trends and Concerns, Working Paper No.124, November, 2012 Download
R. Sudarsana Rao Fiscal Transfers from Centre to Andhra Pradesh, Working Paper No.123, November, 2012 Download
Patrik Oskarsson A Methodology for Community Mapping of Natural Resources: Forests and Revenue Land in Bargarh District of Odisha, RULNR Working Paper No.19, CESS Working Paper No.122, November, 2012 Download
V. Ratna Reddy Explaining the Inter Village Variations in Drinking Water Provision: Factors Influencing Costs and Service Levels in Rural A.P, WASHCost Working Paper No.22, CESS Working Paper No.121, September, 2012 Download
V. Kurian Baby, V. Ratna Reddy WASH Security in India: Can the New policy Guidelines Deliver? Critical Assessment and Operationalization of 2010 Guidelines, WASHCost Working Paper No.21, CESS Working Paper No.120, September, 2012 Download
G. Alivelu, V. Ratna Reddy, P. Bhushan, V. Anitha Costs and Service Levels of Water and Sanitation: A Study of Peri-Urban locations in A.P, WASHCost Working Paper No.20, CESS Working Paper No.119, September, 2012 Download
C. Ramachandraiah Managing and Coping with Urban Floods: Lessons from the Kurnool Flood of 2009 in A.P, Working Paper No.118, August, 2012 Download
Madhusudan Bandi Implementation of Forest Rights Act: Undoing the Historical Injustices? RULNR Working Paper No.18, CESS Working Paper No.117, August, 2012 Download
Itishree Pattnaik Livelihood Pattern and Coping Mechanisms during Drought: A Study of Two Villages in Odisha, RULNR Working Paper No.17, CESS Working Paper No.116, August, 2012 Download
R. Mallikarjuna Reddy, R. Nageshwar Rao, M. Gopinath Reddy Livestock Development in Andhra Pradesh: Status and Potential, RULNR Working Paper No.16, CESS Working Paper No.115, August, 2012 Download
M. Srinivasa Reddy, V. Ratna Reddy, R.V. Rama Mohan Institutionalising Groundwater Management: A Tale of Three Participatory Models in Andhra Pradesh, RULNR Working Paper No.15, CESS Working Paper No.114, May, 2012 Download
M.V. Rama Chandrudu, R. Subramanyam Naidu, Safa Fanaian, Radha Shree Qualitative Challenges in Improving Performance of Water Points…. Insights from Community Based Performance – Assessment of Water Points in Andhra Pradesh, WASHCost Working Paper No.19, CESS Working Paper No.113, February, 2012
V. Ratna Reddy, M. Sneha Latha, M. Venkataswamy Costs and Service per technology in Rural Water Supply: How Efficient are Multi Village Schemes? WASHCost Working Paper No.18, CESS Working Paper No.112, February, 2012
M. Snehalatha, Venkataswamy, M. Sirisha D, Anitha V Looking Beyond Capital Costs-Life Cycle Costing for Sustainable Service Delivery – A Study from A.P, India, WASHCost Working Paper No.17, CESS Working Paper No.111, February, 2012
M. Rammohan Rao, M. Venkatswamy, C. Ramachandriah, G. Alivelu Urban Water Supply and Sanitation in Andhra Pradesh, WASHCost Working Paper No.16, CESS Working Paper No.110, January, 2012
Prajna Paramita Mishra, M. Gopinath Reddy Gender Mainstreaming in Mining: Experiences across Countries, RULNR Working Paper No.14, CESS Working Paper No.109, January, 2012 Download
Srinivas Chokkakula Disputes, (de)Politicization and democracy: Interstate Water disputes in India, RULNR Working Paper No.13, CESS Working Paper No.108, January, 2012 Download


Name Title Download
V. Ratna Reddy, N. Jaya Kumar, M. Venkatswamy, M. Snehalatha Cost of Provision: How Good are Unconditional Allocations? A Study of water Services Delivery in Rural A.P, WASHCost Working Paper No.15, CESS Working Paper No.107, December, 2011
M.V. Rama Chandrudu, Safa Fanaian, R. Subramanyam Naidu Understanding Governance in WASH Sector in A.P, India WASHCost Working Paper No.14, CESS Working Paper No.106, December, 2011
M. Snehalatha, P. Busenna, V. Ratna Reddy, V. Anitha Rural Drinking Water Service Levels: A Study of A.P, South India, WASHCost Working Paper No.13, CESS Working Paper No.105, December, 2011
Jos Chathukulam, M. Gopinath Reddy, Palla Trinadharao Formulation and implementation of Tribal Sub-Plan (TSP) in Kerala, RULNR Working Paper No.12, CESS Working Paper No.104, September, 2011 Download
Sagari R Ramdas Anthra Pushed to The Brink: Livestock Dependent Livelihoods at the Forest Interface the case of A.P, RULNR Working Paper No.11.CESS Working Paper No.103, September, 2011
Palla Trinadha Rao Tribal Sub-plan Strategy in A.P, RULNR Working Paper No.10 CESS Working Paper No.102, September, 2011 Download
P. Aparna Rural Livelihoods in Dry Land Areas: Strategies and Outcomes – A Review, RULNR Working Paper No.09, CESS Working Paper No.101, June, 2011 Download
V. Ratna Reddy, N. Jayakumar Financing the WASH Sector in India Cost of provision and budget allocations, WASHCost Working Paper No.12, CESS Working Paper No.100, May, 2011 Download
M. Snehalatha, V. Anitha Total Sanitation Campaign – Progress and Issues: Situational Analysis of Andhra Pradesh with reference to Total Sanitation Campaign, WASHCost Working Paper No.11, CESS Working Paper No.99, May, 2011 Download
G. Alivelu Enhancing the Performance of Registered Manufacturing Sector through Investment Climate Indicators in Andhra Pradesh, Working Paper No.98, April, 2011 Download
G. Alivelu, Avinash Samal, Deepita Chakravarthy, Kunal Sen A Thousand Industries in a Thousand Days? State Business Relations and The Puzzle of Orissa’s Industrial Performance, Working Paper No.97, March, 2011 Download
M.V. Ramachandrudu, M. Snehalatha Can WASH Services be improved by TAPping? Insights from WASHCost (India) Project, WASHCost Working Paper No.10, CESS Working Paper No.96, January, 2011 Download
V. Ratna Reddy, N. Jayakumar, M. Venkataswamy, M. Snehalatha , M.S. Rammohan Rao, Charles Batchelor, M.V. Ramachandrudu Life-cycle costs approach (LCCA) for sustainable WASH service delivery: A study in rural Andhra Pradesh, India, WASHCost Working Paper No.09, CESS Working Paper No.95, January, 2011 Download
M. Snehalatha, V. Ratna Reddy N. Jayakumar Assessing sanitation costs and services in Andhra Pradesh, India, WASHCost Working Paper No.08,CESS Working Paper No.94, January, 2011 Download
Aruna Kumar Monditoka Decentralized Forest Governance – A Policy Perspective, RULNR Working Paper No.08, CESS Working Paper No.93, January, 2011 Download


Name Title Download
M. Srinivasa Reddy, V. Ratna Reddy Groundwater: Development, Degradation and Management (A Study of Andhra Pradesh), RULNR Working Paper No.07, CESS Working Paper No.92, December, 2010 Download
Itishree Patnaik Distress Situation in Dryland Areas Impacts on Livelihood Pattern and the Coping Strategies: A Review, RULNR Working Paper No.06, CESS Working Paper No.91, October, 2010 Download
U. Vindhya, V. Swathi Dev Sex trafficking of girls and women: Evidence from Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh, Working Paper No.90, July, 2010 Download
Jeena T Srinivasan Understanding the Kole Lands in Kerala as a Multiple Use Wetland Ecosystem, RULNR Working Paper No.05, CESS Working Paper No.89, June, 2010 Download
V. Ratna Reddy, Charles Batchelor Cost of Providing Sustainable Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Services: An initial assessment of LCCA in Andhra Pradesh, WASHCost Working Paper No.07, CESS Working Paper No.88, May, 2010 Download
V. Ratna Reddy, M. S. Ramamohan Rao, M. Venkataswamy ‘Slippage’: The Bane of Rural Drinking Water Sector (A Study of Extent and Causes in Andhra Pradesh), WASHCost Working Paper No.06, CESS Working Paper No.87, April, 2010 Download
G. Alivelu Salient Aspects of the Growth Story of Indian Railways 1981-82 through 2007-08, Working Paper No.86, April, 2010 Download
M. Gopinath Reddy, K. Anil Kumar Political Economy of Tribal Development: A Case Study of Andhra Pradesh, Working Paper No.85, February, 2010 Download
Deepita Chakravarty, Ishita Chakravarty ‘Bed and Board’ in lieu of Salary: Women and Girl Children Domestics in Post Partition Calcutta (1951-1981), Working Paper No.84, February, 2010 Download
Deepita Chakravarty, Indranil Bose Industrializing West Bengal?: The case of institutional stickiness, Working Paper No.83, February, 2010
G. Alivelu, K. Srinivasulu, M. Gopinath Reddy State Business Relations and Performance of Manufacturing Sector in Andhra Pradesh, Working Paper No.82, January, 2010 Download
K. Anil Kumar Local Knowledge and Agricultural Sustainability: A Case Study of Pradhan Tribe in Adilabad District, Working Paper No.81, January, 2010 Download


Name Title Download
S. Sudhakar Reddy, K.S. Reddy, P. Padmanabha Rao Reflections on the Women’s Empowerment Approaches, Evidence and Ways Forward – The Case of A.P, Working Paper No.80, September, 2009 Download
Deepita Chakravarty Trade Unions and Business Firms: Unorganised Manufacturing in West Bengal, Working Paper No.79, August, 2009 Download
M. Gopinath Reddy, K. Anil Kumar, Naga Raju Chikkala A Study of Forest Rights Act, 2006 in Andhra Pradesh: An Assessment of its Major Features and Issues in Implementation Process, Working Paper No.78, August, 2009 Download
N. Krishnaji Poverty and Household Size: Facts and Statistical Artefacts, Working Paper No.77, July, 2009 Download
N. Krishnaji Fertility Transition in India: Development and Diffusion, Working Paper No.76, January, 2009 Download


Name Title Download
N. Krishnaji Public Health Priorities in India: Insights from Changing Patterns of Death by Region, Gender and Age, Working Paper No.75, August, 2008 Download
Deepita Chakravarty, Ishita Chakravarty Girl Children in Domestic Service: The Case of West Bengal, Working Paper Number 74, June, 2008
N. Krishnaji Population Pressure and Labour Intensification – An Indian Historical Perspective, Working Paper Number 73, April, 2008 Download
S. Mahendra Dev, G. Alivelu Turnaround of Indian Railways 2004-06 – A Case Study, Working Paper No.72, March, 2008 Download


Name Title Download
S. Mahendra Dev Inclusive Growth in Andhra Pradesh: Challenges in Agriculture, Poverty, Social Sector and Regional Disparities, Working Paper No.71, March, 2007 Download
K.V. Narayana THE UNQUALIFIED MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS – Methods of Practice and Nexus with the Qualified Doctors, Working Paper No.70, May, 2006 Download


Name Title Download
S. Mahendra Dev, C. Ravi, S. Galab Millennium Development Goals in Asia and Pacific Region-Differentiated Progress and Persistent Disparities, Working Paper No.69, March, 2006 Download
K.S. Reddy, P. Prudhvikar Reddy BANKING SECTOR REFORMS AND EQUITY – A Sub-Regional Analysis in Andhra Pradesh, Working Paper No.68, January, 2006 Download


Name Title Download
C.S. Murthy RURAL NON-AGRICULTURAL EMPLOYMENT IN INDIA – The Residual Sector Hypothesis Revisited, Working Paper No.67, December, 2005 Download
Jeena T Srinivasan The differential Impact of User Heterogeneity in Resource Management: A Case Study from Kerala, Working Paper No.66, December, 2005 Download
V. Ratna Reddy, P. Prudhvikar Reddy How Participatory is Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM)? – A Study of Water User Associations (WUAs) in Andhra Pradesh, Working Paper No.65, November, 2005 Download
Deepita Chakravarty Growing Services in India – An Inter-Sectoral Analysis Based on State-Level Data, Working Paper No.64, October, 2005 Download


Name Title Download
G. Rama Padma Maternal Morbidity in Rural Andhra Pradesh, Working Paper No.63, November, 2004 Download
V. Ratna Reddy, M. Gopinath Reddy, Velayutham Saravanan, Madhusudan Bandi, Oliver Springate-Baginski Participatory Forest Management in Andhra Pradesh : A Review, Working Paper No.62, October, 2004 Download
C. Niranjan Rao The Role of Intellectual Property Rights in Information and Communication Technologies, Working Paper No.61, September, 2004 Download
C. Ramachandraiah, Sheela Prasad Impact of Urban Growth on Water Bodies – The Case of Hyderabad, Working Paper No.60, September, 2004 Download
G. Rama Padma Hysterectomy in Rural Areas of A.P: A Retrospective Study, Working Paper No.59, September, 2004 Download
V. Ratna Reddy, M. Gopinath Reddy, Y.V. Malla Reddy, John Soussan Sustaining Rural Livelihoods in Fragile Environments: Resource Endowments or Policy Interventions? Working Paper No.58, August, 2004 Download
S. Mahendra Dev, N. Chandrasekhara Rao Food Processing in Andhra Pradesh: Opportunities and Challenges, Working Paper No.57, June, 2004 Download
C. Ramachandraiah Right to drinking water in India, Working Paper No.56, May, 2004 Download
C.S. Murty Large Farmers in the Lease Market – How and Why Do They Enter the Market? Are Marginal Farmers Affected in the Process? Working Paper No.55, April, 2004 Download
S. Mahendra Dev Is Rural India Shining? Working Paper No.54, March, 2004 Download


Name Title Download
Deepita Chakravarty Expansion of Markets and Women Workers: A Case Study of Indian Garment-Manufacturing, Working Paper No.53, December, 2003 Download
C. Ramachandraiah, Arun Kumar Patnaik The State Eroding Public Sector Profitability: The Case of APSRTC, Working Paper No.52, October, 2003
A. Venkateswarlu Pattern of Land Distribution and Tenancy in Rural Andhra Pradesh, Working Paper No.51, September, 2003 Download
S. Mahendra Dev Right to Food in India, Working Paper No.50, August, 2003 Download
V. Ratna Reddy Cost of Resource Degradation Externalities: A Study of Groundwater Depletion in Andhra Pradesh, Working Paper No.49, March, 2003 Download
G. Rama Padma Perceptions on Safe Motherhood: An Analysis of Results from Rural Andhra Pradesh, Working Paper No.48, January, 2003


Name Title Download
N. Krishnaji, K.S. James Gender Differentials in Adult Mortality in India – With Notes on Rural-Urban Contrasts, Working Paper No.47, September, 2002 Download
Deepita Chakravarty Energy and Labour Use in Andhra Pradesh Industry, Working Paper No.46, September, 2002 Download
S. Mahendra Dev, K.S. James, Binayak Sen Causes of Fertility Decline in India and Bangladesh: The Role of Community, Working Paper No.45, July, 2002
B.P.R. Vithal The Telangana Surpluses – A Case Study, Working Paper No.44, June, 2002
S. Mahendra Dev, Jos Mooij Social Sector Expenditures and Budgeting: An analysis of patterns and the Budget Making Process in India in the 1990s, Working Paper No.43, January, 2002 Download


Name Title Download
Deepita Chakravarty Work Organization and Employment Contracts: Analysis of the implications of Technological Modernization in the Indian Textiles, Working Paper No.42, December, 2001
Jos Mooij Economic Reform and Political Interpretations: A Review of the Literature on the Politics of the Reform Process in India. November, 2001, Working Paper No.41, November, 2001
Bhagirath Behera, V. Ratna Reddy ‘Killing Fields’: Life Savers and Externalities (A Study of the Impact of Industrial Pollution on Rural Communities in A.P), Working Paper No.40, June, 2001 Download


Name Title Download
S. Mahendra Dev Kerala’s Development Experience: Economic Growth and Human Development, Working Paper No.39, July, 2000
K.S. James Internal Migration In Andhra Pradesh: A Quantitative Analysis, Working Paper No.38, April, 2000
C. Ramachandraiah Urban Water Supply and Inequality in India, Working Paper No.37, March, 2000
S. Subrahmanyam, N. Rajagopala Rao Liberalization an Income Convergence Across Indian States, Working Paper No.36, January, 2000


Name Title Download
K.V. Narayana Limits to Medicine: A Review of Historical Trends in Health Improvement, Working Paper No.35, March, 1998
C. Ramachandraiah Urban Environmental Degradation: A Study of Air pollution in Hyderabad, Working Paper No.34, February, 1998


Name Title Download
K.S. Babu Health Insurance: A Case Study of Andhra Pradesh, Working Paper No.33, September, 1997
K.S. James Adult Mortality in A.P Level, Trends and Determinants, Working Paper No.32, May, 1997
P. Satya Sekhar Levels of Morbidity in Andhra Pradesh, Working Paper No.31, 1997


Name Title Download
S. Subrahmanyam, V. Rama Raju, R. Nageshwara Rao Interlinkages between Agriculture and Dairy Development, Working Paper No.30, January, 1995
J.V.M. Sarma, N. Sreedevi, Usha Nori Scope for reforming the taxation of Services in Andhra Pradesh Stamp Duties and Motor Vehicle Tax, Working Paper No.29, January, 1995
J.V.M. Sarma, J.V.M. Sarma, N. Sreedevi Fiscal Imbalances in Andhra Pradesh – A Review, Working Paper No.28, January, 1995


Name Title Download
J.V.M. Sarma Introduction of Value Added Tax in A.P: Issues and Prospects, Working Paper Number 27, November, 1994
Name Title Download
R. Radhakrishna, K. Hanumantha Rao Food Security, Public Distribution and Price Policy, Working Paper No.26, November.


Name Title Download
N. Krishnaji Population Pressure 1891-1981: Regional Variation and Consequences, Working Paper No.25, October.
P. Satya Sekhar, Nagi Reddy Chinta P Regional Variations in Contraceptive Choice in Andhra Pradesh, Working Paper No.24. 1991
R. Radhrakrishna, C. Ravi Demand Projection Model for Eighth Five Year Plan of India, Working Paper No.23, June, 1991
R. Radhrakrishna, C. Ravi Food, Nutrition and Prices: Some Macro Issues, Working Paper No.22, June, 1991 Download
R. Radhrakrishna, S. Indrakant Food Grain Sector: Growth, Equality and Market Intervention, Working Paper No.21, 1991 Download


Name of the Author Title Download
B P R Vithal New Thinking and the Developed World, Report on a Conference in Moscow, Working Paper No. 20
N Subba Rao Mead-Freeman Controversy and The Question of Ethnographic Credibility, Working Paper No. 19
N Krishnaji Family Size and Wealth – Standing Chayanov on His Head in the Indian Context. Working Paper No. 18
R Radhakrishna, S Sudhakar Reddy, Gautam Kumar Mitra Difference in Rural Labour Market Between Backward and Developed Regions of Andhra Pradesh, Working Paper No. 17
K Uma Shankar Patnaik Marketing Channels, Trade Structure and Groundnut Farm Economy: Effects of Government Intervention, Working Paper No. 16
R Radhakrishna and Others Effects of Rice Market Intervention Policies in AP, Working Paper No. 15, 1987 Download
R Radhakrishna, S Sudhakar Reddy, Gautam Kumar Mitra Welfare Levels and their Contributory Factors: A Case Study of Andhra Pradesh, Working Paper No. 14
G Haragopal, G Sudarshanam Public Policy For Universalisation of Education: Andhra Experience working Paper No. 13, October, 1985


Name Title Download
Uma Ramaswamy Education and Inequality, Working Paper No.12, June.
Uma Ramaswamy Women and Work, Working Paper No.11, June.
S. Subrahmanyam Inter- Industry Transactions in a District, Working Paper No.10, June.
R. Radhakrishna, S. Sudhakar Reddy Class Composition, Poverty and Agricultural Development, Working Paper No.09, June.


Name Title Download
G. Ram Reddy, G. Haragopal The Pyraveekar-‘THE FIXER’ in India, Working Paper No.08, August, 1984


Name Title Download
V.L.S. Prakasa Rao Spatial Frame Work for Development Planning and Administration, Working Paper No.07, November, 1983
R. Radhakrishna, S.A.R. Sastry, Sudhakar Reddy Determinants and Dimensions of Rural Poverty – Some Implications for Development, Working Paper No.06, November, 1983
G. Subrahmanyam, B. Kamaiah Administrative Costs and Tax Substitution – Some Econometric Evidence, Working Paper No.05, February, 1983
G. Subrahmanyam Some Implications of the Popular Approach to Tax Elasticity Estimation, Working Paper No.04, February, 1983
G. Subrahmanyam On the Possibility of Conflict in Inter-State Tax Efforts – A General Note, Working Paper No.03, February, 1983
G. Subrahmanyam Growth and Projections of A.P. State Tax Revenues – Some Interim Results, Working Paper No.02, February, 1983
Waheeduddin Khan Urban Poverty – Some findings for Hyderabad – Secunderabad, Working Paper No.01, February, 1983

Governance and Policy Spaces (GAPS) Series Working Papers

Name Title Download
Deepita Chakravarty Gender and Trade Union: A case study of an Indian garment export park, GAPS Series Working Paper.13, 2007
Jos Mooij From a Better past to a Better Future? The Role of Teachers in Educating the Nation; a case study from Andhra Pradesh, India, GAPS Series Working Paper.12, 2007 Download
B. Saranga Pani, N. Sreekumar, M. Thimma Reddy Power Sector Reforms in Andhra Pradesh: Their Impact and Policy Gaps, GAPS Series Working Paper.11, 2007 Download
K. Srinivasulu Political Institutions, Governance Crisis and Economic Reforms, GAPS Series Working Paper.10, 2007
Nicola Jones, Minna Lyytikäinen Madhuri Mukherjee M. Gopinath Reddy Local Institutions and Social policy for Children: Opportunities and Constraints of Participatory Service Delivery, GAPS Series Working Paper.09, 2007 Download


Name Title Download
Loraine Kennedy Decentralization and Urban Governance in Hyderabad. Assessing the role of different actors in the city, GAPS Series Working Paper.08, 2006 Download
V. Anil Kumar Policy Processes and Policy Advocacy, GAPS Series Working Paper.07, 2006 Download


Name of the Author Title Download
E Revathi, R V Ramna Murthy, Anita Gill Changing Seed Policy Law and Regulation: An Appraisal of the Emerging Seed Markets in Andhra Pradesh. Working Paper 6 June 2005 Crisis of Agrarian Capitalism, Farmers’ Suicides and Response of Public Policy: Evidence, Diagnosis and Alternatives, GAPS Series Working Paper No. 5, May, 2005 Download
Surinder S Jodhka Beyond “Crisis”: Rethinking Contemporary Punjab Agriculture, GAPS Series Working Paper No. 4, May, 2005
V Anil Kumar Farmers’ Suicides in Andhra Pradesh: The Response of Rural Political Institutions, GAPS Series Working Paper No. 3, May, 2005


Name Title Download
Jos Mooij, K.S. Gopal Political Change and Food Assurance: About Rice on Credit and NGO-Government Partnerships in Andhra Pradesh, GAPS Series Working Paper.02, August, 2004 Download
K. Srinivasulu Political Articulation and Policy Discourse in the 2004 Election in A.P, GAPS Series Working Paper.01, August, 2004 Download


Name Title Download
N. Kakwani, Zakaria Siddiqui Definingand measuring four recently evolved development concepts Download
C.H. Hanumantha Rao My Journey From Marxism-Leninism to Nehruvian Socialism : Some Memoirs and Reflections on Inclusive Growth Download

RULNR and Other Papers

Name of the Author Title Download
Jyothis Satyapalan An Explorative Study of the Implementation of the Forest Rights Act 2006: A Case of Western Ghats Region, Kerala, India, RULNR CESS Working Paper No. 4, December, 2009
K C Malhotra, Prodyut Bhattacharya Forest and Livelihood Status Paper (Forest Ecosystem). RULNR, CESS, 2010
Prajna Paramita Mishra, M Gopinath Reddy Mining in Forest Areas – Problems, Causes and Concerns: A Review RULNR – CESS Working Paper, Series No. 1 July, 2009 Download
Sagari R Ramdas, S Asha Latha, M L Sanyasi Rao Livestock Dependent – Livelihoods at the Forest Interface in Schedule V/and Plain in the Rural Areas of Telangana and Andhra Regions in Andhra Pradesh Download
Jyothis Sthyapalan Livelihoods and Natural Resource Management in the Dry Lands of India: An Approach Paper, 2010
M Gopinath Reddy Forest Ecosystem: Forest, People and Livelihoods, Approach Paper, October, 2010 Download
B Suresh Reddy Organic Farming: Status, Issues and Prospects – A Review, RULNR Series Working Paper Series No. 2, July, 2009 Download

WashCost Working Papers

Name Year Title Download
M.V. Ramachandrudu, S. Narasimha Rao, R. Subramanyam Naidu, M. Snehalatha, V. Ratna Reddy 2009 Patterns of WASH Services in Rural Andhra Pradesh – Community’s Perspectives and Insights from Rapid Assessment, WASHCost-CESS Working Paper No.05, December Download
M.V. Ramachandrudu, Safa Fanaian, M. Snehalatha, Charles Bachelor, V. Ratna Reddy 2009 Institutional Mapping and Analysis of WASH Services and Costs, WASHCost-CESS Working Paper No.04,December. Download
A.K. Jain I.F.SB. M.Muralikrishna Rao, M.S. Rama Mohan Rao, M. Venkata Swamy 2009 Groundwater Scenario in Andhra Pradesh, WASHCost-CESS Working Paper No.03, December. Download
B. Rajeswara Rao, H. Umakantha Rao, V. Vidyanath Sastry, M. Venkataswamy, M.S. Rama Mohan Rao 2009 Status of Rural Water Supply and Sanitation in Andhra Pradesh, India, WASHCost-CESS Working Paper No.02. Download
V. Ratna Reddy, Charles Bachelor, M. Snehalatha, M.S. Rama Mohan Rao, M. Venkataswamy, M.V. Ramachandrudu 2009 Costs of Providing Sustainable Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Services in Rural and peri-urban India – WASHCost (India) Inception Report, WASHCost-CESS Working Paper No.01, December. Download