At the outset, the Yoga Trainer briefly explained the science of Yoga and its origin.

She briefly mentioned that the theme for this year International Yoga Day is “Self and society”. She has followed the protocol issued by the Government of India regarding the practices, breathing and Yoga Asanas while instructing the participants. The ancient system of “Ashtanga Yoga” [the eight-limbed path of conscious living and spiritual practice, introduced by Great Sage Patanjali] is briefly explained to overcome all kinds of sufferings leading to the state of liberation.  Health and harmony shall be main objective of Yoga practice.

The philosophy of “Ashtanga Yoga” and its detailed benefits have been explained to the audience which was found useful and appreciated by one and all.

Faculty, staff and research scholars participated in the Yoga with great enthusiasm. The Yoga Teacher introduced about 25 Asanas which includes Pranayama techniques also, while explaining the benefits of the said practices simultaneously as per the protocol of the Government of India.