Prof. Ch. Bala Ramulu,Consultants

Prof. Ch. Bala Ramulu


Development Studies, Decentralized Governance, Role of Civil Society in Governance, Rural Livelihood and Public Policy
M.A., (Osmania) Ph.D. (Kakatiya)


  1. Awarded Doctoral Degree by Kakatiya University, Warangal for the thesis submitted on “ORGANISATION AND WORKING OF A SMALL FARMERS DEVELOPMENT AGENCY” – A CASE STUDY, 1981.


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International Seminars

  1. National Seminar on New Economic Policy and Administrative Reforms in India, Oct 5th & 6th 1994.
  2. National Seminar on Developmental Strategies in India: Retrospect and Prospect, March 9-10, 1991.
  3. Seminar on Socio – Economic and Political Changes in Andhra Pradesh, 14th Feb, 1990.
  4. National Seminar on the Study of Contemporary Indian Society: Emerging Trends (CoDirector), 23rd & 24th December, 1996.
  5. The Globalization and Public Administration”, organised by Department of Public Administration &HRM, KU, Warangal, March 30 2015.
  6. The Growth and Decline of Public Administration” at National Conference on Trends in the Discipline of Public Administration-Past, Present and Future, organised by NEPASI(New public Administration Society of India), at Kurukshetra University, during July, 11-12,2015.
  7. Social Implications of Labour Reforms”, organised by Department of Public Administration &HRM, KU, Warangal, July 29th 2015.

Research Projects

  • Inclusion and Exclusion of Marginalized Communities at the Grassroots Level Democratic Institutions” sponsored by UGC, New Delhi (2015-2017).
  • Governance of Food Security Policies in India: a Study in Andhra Pradesh”, sponsored by ICSSR, New Delhi.
  • Participatory Mandal Level Planning,” Sponsored by NCRI, Hyderabad, organized by APARD, Hyderabad, 2010-11.
  • “Urban Governance: Public- Private-Partnership in the Select Municipal Corporations in Andhra Pradesh”, sponsored by UGC, New Delhi, 2009.
  • Decentralization Process in Andhra Pradesh: with Special reference to Education, sponsored by Centre for World Solidarity, Hyderabad, 2008.
  • Evaluation of Efficacy of the APARD Training Programmes to the MGNREGP Functionaries in Andhra Pradesh,” Sponsored by APARD, Hyderabad, organized by,
    CESS Hyderabad,2010.
  • Major Research Project on “Technology, Organization Building and Rural Development”, sponsored by UGC, New Delhi, 2 July, 1994 – 2 May, 1998.
  • Submitted a Report on “Evaluation of Integrated Rural Development Programme in Nalgonda District of Andhra Pradesh,” sponsored by Andhra Pradesh Government, Hyderabad, organized by Centre for Economic and Social Studies, Hyderabad, 1988.
  • Submitted Minor Research Project on the” Impact of Food for work and National Rural
    Employment on Rural Poor in Andhra Pradesh – A Study”, sponsored by UGC, New
    Delhi, 1989.