Faculty Details

Y. Srinivasulu

Assistant Professor

Rural Labour and Land Markets, Agrarian Economy, Migration and Development of Dalits (Schedule Caste)
Qualification: Ph.D  Economics
  • Yamanapalli Sreenivasulu is Doctorate in Economics from University of Hyderabad. His prioritize research areas are Rural Labour and Land Markets, Agrarian Economy, Migration; and Development of Dalits (Schedule Caste). Presently, he is a faculty at Center for Economic and Social Studies (CESS) since June 2007. He has Participated in Advanced Professional Training on Managing Global Governance Programme (MGG 8) sponsored by Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany which was undertaken by German Development Institute (DIE) and INWENT, Germany (during July 2010 – December 2010), besides this, he also participated in 7th International Futures Programme (Training for International Diplomats), Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany). He has worked as an Intern at the migrant department at the International Labour Organization (ILO), Geneva, Switzerland. As requirement of the course/project, a study paper on Impact of Migration on Poverty Alleviation was submitted at ILO. He has wider academic exposure through published articles in various reputed journals and presented papers in professional seminars.