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Ongoing Projects

Telangana State Gazetteer

Overall Coordinator: Prof. E.Revathi; Coordinator: Bharath Bhushan Mamidi

The Telangana State Gazetteer (Sponsored by GAD, Government of Telangana) is prepared for Government of Telangana and is first of its kind initiated by the Government of Telangana after a gap of more than a century of the Imperial Gazetteer of India Provincial Series – Hyderabad State published in 1909. The proposed State Gazetteer aims to present comprehensive information of the different aspects of the State in concise manner as a treasure house of data reflecting the current situation for use by officials and various sections of the society as well. The Gazetteer presents a comprehensive picture of Telangana comprising brief background and historic context of the subject covering the status in Hyderabad State, undivided Andhra Pradesh and Telangana state since 2014. It includes sectors specific to the Telangana State as a whole along with general features of a Gazetteer covering physical and natural factors, administration in the state and also a broad narrative of social, political, economic, and cultural life of the people. Structure of the gazetteer comprising 21 chapters follows the standard framework adopted by Imperial Gazetteers, the Andhra Pradesh District Gazetteers comprising description of habitat, history, people, culture, economy, resources, infrastructure, communications, administration, education, health, justice, development and social welfare, tourism and so on, along with additional chapters that provide an account of irrigation, energy, environment & forests, information technology, and local self-government in line with the changing times and priorities of government since independence.


Research Cell for Studies in Education Policy, Planning and Governance (RSEPPG)

Research Cell for Studies in Education Policy, Planning and Governance (RSEPPG) in Telangana State at the Centre for Economic and Social Studies (CESS) is set up in July 2020 with the support of Telangana State Council for Higher Education (TSCHE). The predominant objective of the Research Cell on Education(RSEPPG) is to comprehensively study the gamut of issues and challenges in the education system/sector at all levels in a holistic perspective while focusing on higher education in the state and in the country. Research studies are to be thematically organized around five dimensions or foundational pillars of education system: Access, Quality, Equity, Affordability and Accountability. The impact of state policyfundingregulatory frameworkeducational standards and governance on achieving these five dimensions of education system would be the focus of research studies. The Research Cell while providing policy inputs and support derived from evidence-based policy-oriented research output, assists the TSCHE and thereby the Telangana State Government in their endeavour for educational development in the state. Download (RSEPPG)