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E. Revathi

E. Revathi

Professor And Director

Agriculture (Structural Issues), Development Economics and Gender Studies

M Phil and Ph d

Revathi Ellanki is a Development Economist. She attained her M Phil and PhD degrees from Kakatiya University, Warangal. She was an ICSSR doctoral fellow in ‘Women’s Studies’ during 1988-91 and worked on ‘Women, work and technology in agriculture’ for her PhD. She worked as a College lecturer for a brief period in Hyderabad and later joined as faculty in the department of Economics, Kakatiya University in 1992 and continued till 2004. She was a Visiting Fellow at CESS during 2004-09 and joined at the Centre as full time Professor in 2012. She was also Senior Fellow, ICSSR during 2010-12, for which she worked on ‘Land access to women and women empowerment’

She was a member in the curriculum development group for Economics constituted by the Telangana State Public Service Commission in 2015. She was an active member of Telangana Intellectual Forum and coordinated Working Group constituted by Telangana Development Forum for submission of report on Deprivation to Telangana: Case for Separate Statehood to Justice Sri Krishna Committee in April 2010. She also contributed to Group of Ministers appointed by Govt. of India on Bifurcation of the State of AP on Special needs of the Backward Districts of Telangana (2013).

She has supervised six research scholars in the areas of non-farm sector, education, MGNREGS and food security, farmer producer companies and farmers’ well-being, agriculture technology adoption and productivity of chickpea crop, resource conservation in system of rice intensification for their MPhil and PhD theses.  

E Revathi has good experience in organizing empirical studies and drawing policy related findings from the studies. She contributed to preparation of Institute’s reports like the Human Development Report, Millennium Development report, and recently coordinated the Sustainable Development Report for the state of Telangana.  She is also involved in policy related studies in education, scheduled caste development. Recently she led two studies sponsored by ILO on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and supply & demand for financial services among cotton producing community in the Telangana State.  She worked on around 26 major and minor research projects at CESS on the themes of Agriculture Indebtedness, MGNREGS, MDGs, labour market, tenancy, computerization of land records, liberalization of lease market and land licensed cultivator, Mission Bhagiratha: a flagship drinking water project, socio-economic conditions of backward castes, issues of Tribal development in the V Schedule areas. She was a co-researcher in the large project awarded by ICSSR on ‘Agriculture in Tribal Areas: A Study of seven central Indian states’.

Currently, she is Principal Investigator for the Young Lives Child Poverty studyan international longitudinal interdisciplinary research project led by the University of Oxford and funded by the Oxford Department of International Development.

Her broad areas of research are Agriculture, Development economics and Gender studies with attention to land, labour, tenancy, work participation and empowerment. She worked on the issues of agrarian crisis, rural indebtedness, farmers and weavers’ suicides, and farmers’ collective institutions and rural labour markets. She also works in the areas of regional disparities and small states, human development, water and sanitation.

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  1. Supply and demand for financial services among cotton producing communities in Telangana State: (with B Suresh Reddy, P Aparna) Sponsored by ILO, Geneva, November 2022
  2. Rapid Assessment of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work in cotton communities in Telangana State: (with B Suresh Reddy, P Aparna and P Sampath) Sponsored by ILO, New Delhi February 2022
  3. An Assessment of Millet Based Agro-biodiversity Systems Enriched with a Mix of Modern and Traditional Ecological Packages (with B Suresh Reddy and P Dayakar) sponsored by Deccan Development Society, 2022
  4. Listening to Young Lives at work: COVID 19 Phone Survey on short and medium term impact of Covid-19, sponsored by the DFID, Oxford University (with P. Prudhvikar Reddy)  2021
  5. Interrupted Education in India (Andhra Pradesh and Telangana): Support for Students during the COVID-19 School Closures. (with P. Prudhvikar Reddy) 2021
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  7. An Assessment of the Impact of COVID-19-Induced Lockdown on Informal Workers in Telangana State: A Rapid Survey (with Pradeep Kamble, K. Bhaskar, and Bal Singh M 2020
  8.  Assessment of Socio-Economic Conditions of Backward Castes in Telangana State (2019) sponsored by BC Commission, Govt of Telangana
  1. Presentation on ‘Research at CESS- Major themes’, Tata Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition for future collaborations with CESS TCI Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, 20 December 2022.
  2. Panel discussion on ‘Challenges and Perspectives on Food and nutrition Security in India’ organized by School of Social Sciences, Hyderabad Central University, October 2022
  3. Listening to the Leaders: Round Table meeting on research priorities that are relevant and useful to JalJeevan Mission and related water security programmes in India, Organised by the REAL water project, India, CSIE, ATREE, Benguluru, August 2022
  4. Chaired session on Food and Nutrition Security at the IASSI Annual Conference, IGIDR 13-15 June 2022

Research Methodology: Philosophy of Social Science and Paradigms in Economics for the PhD students in Semester I and II.

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